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50 Cent Says He Almost Punch Meek Mill Over Drake Beef, Meek Clapped Back

50 Cent and Nicki Minaj

50 Cent wanted to punch Meek Mill in the face for beefing with Drake, but now Meek is clapping back.

It’s surely no secret that a lot of hip hop fans weren’t too happy with Meek Mill after he instigated a beef with Drake, who was his close friend at the time. It turns out that 50 Cent is one of those who were angry at the Philly rapper who called out Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter to write his raps. During his new interview on The Breakfast Club, the “Candy Shop” rapper revealed how he wanted to give Meek Mill a piece of his mind (and his fist) during a meeting shortly after the Drake fiasco.

The “Going Bad” rapper has been involved in the famous feud since 2015 when he accused the Canadian native of not writing his own lyrics on his songs (especially the track on Meek’s album called “R.I.C.O.”), attributing the raps to Quentin Miller. It seems that the allegation arose out of bitterness over Meek Mill’s feeling as though Drake did not helped him promote the album. Of course there was allegedly a Nicki Minaj factor involved.

Meek Mill and Drake Going Bad

In response, the “Life is Good” rapper released diss tracks aimed at Meek entitled “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” The latter attacked the Philadelphia native for not responding to the first song and instead, taking to Twitter to fire his insults. A series of diss tracks from both sides followed in the years to come until the pair decided to squash their beef in 2018 and Drake appeared on the album, Championships, which Meek put out after being released from prison.

“People who pick fights with people who don’t wanna fight, those are punks. Meek Mills, when I ran into him finally, he said, ‘Yo, come here, let me talk to you. I need to talk to you like a man on the side.’ He pulled me to the side and was talking and I was looking at him and I wanted to punch him. The stuff that he said, I wanted to punch him,” Fifty said on The Breakfast Club.

“And I didn’t. I just looked at him and was like, ‘Yo, I don’t understand why you felt like that,'” 50 Cent continues. “He’s a battle artist, that’s where you come from. When he says something to Drake and doesn’t respond and Drake says something back, you going, ‘What happened? I was waiting for you. He was coming into your den with that and then you didn’t say nothing back.’ He felt like I was kicking him when he was down because of how he felt with the momentum that Drake had.”

Following Fifty’s remarks, Meek has now put his own hat into the battle ring. Without naming names or making direct references, the 32-year-old posted a tweet saying that people aren’t happy about how well he’s doing.

With a new baby on the way with girlfriend Milan Harris, we think he has more important things to focus on at the moment.