Jah Cure Reacts To Trolling Over His Ex-Wife Kamila McDonald’s New Bae

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

Reggae crooner Jah Cure has a word of caution for persons who are tagging him in images on Instagram of his ex-wife Kamila McDonald and her new beau.

In an 18 second video, the “Love Is” singer made the warning as he stood shirtless in front of a family portrait of himself, his ex-wife and daughter, which was mounted on a wall in his house. “No woman caan mek mi move it. And I don’t care how much man she deal with, dis is a respectable photo that will always be in my house,” Jah Cure said, pointing his index finger at the image.

“When oonu si di woman wid har man, oonu luw har and don’t tag mi, cause I am happy with my life an mi hav mi woman – dem!” he said, placing strong emphasis on the last word for greater effect.

The two had exchanged vows in an elaborate ceremony at the Tryall Club in Sandy Bay, Hanover, Jah Cure’s birth parish, on Sunday, August 7, 2011. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2017.

Two weeks ago, Kamila posted a photo of herself and her boo Jason Panton on Instagram. Apparently, some overly exuberant fans began to tag Jah Cure incessantly, resulting in him making his dramatic response. But music fans who came out in response to Jah Cure’s video clip, which was posted on radio disc jockey ZJ Sparks’ Instagram page, were mainly caustic in their comments. Many also ridiculed the artiste.

“Him better sing ‘longing for“ in front of that picture,” one fan wrote.

Others said as soon as Jah Cure settled down and found the true love of his life, or another wife, he would have to remove the photo featuring his ex, despite his defiant statements.

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“When him find the right woman him afi tek it dung,” one person commented while another added, “Wish he was this honest before she married his ass. He knew he wasn’t discipline for marriage.”

Others, particularly women, chastised him for his reference to multiple sexual partners.

“Me like him speech till him go spoil it And say him woman dem,” one fan wrote, while another chimed in, “Then him brave to een…hope the yam vine dem weh him have see this.”