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DyDy Starts “Fresh” With A New Dancehall Banger

For some people, 2020 is the year to start fresh, a clean slate. In that Light, DyDy is back with something hot and “Fresh.”

Dyrana McIntosh, popularly known as DyDy, and born and grew up in St Elizabeth, migrated to the USA at the age of 17 years old, where she was based in New York. There, the comedian and up-and-coming artist developed a large social media following where she entertained millions of fans with her self-confidence, expressive and substantive skits, thus gaining about over 400,000 avid followers.

Little did one know that this was all part of the young artist’s plan to develop her fan base so that she could share her music with the world. A strong advocate for women, DyDy’s “Pineapple Fi Di Pum Pum” movement has allowed her to bridge the gap between her social media fame and aspirations of becoming an artist.

DyDy dropped her first single for the year “Fresh,” which is gaining a lot of traction in dancehall. “Fresh,” which was released on February 03, is a Todd Talent production which combined a mixture of bad, sexy, and fresh, has already clocked thousands of views in only just 5 days on YouTube. This is not a surprise given that the artist has a wide fan base.

In 2017, DyDy released her first single “2 Can,” which got a lot of airplay on local and international radio stations.

Dancehall fans can expect a lot from DyDy this year with a new management team behind her and her commitment to release more new music. She seems determined to take her career to the next level with the guidance of Todd Talent and management Inc. DyDy has always seemed passionate about her growth and her music.

Dancehall fans are looking forward to seeing what else DyDy will have to offer this year. Yes, she is hot, beautiful, and edgy, a mixture that is almost a requirement to be successful in a traditionally male-dominated genre like dancehall.