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Stylo G Trolls Police Officers In “Bamm Bamm” Music Video

Stylo G trolls police officers in his new music video, “Bamm Bamm.”

A few months ago, the artist was involved in an incident that left him angry and downright shocked. September 2019, saw the Caymanas Estate premises he was occupying surrounded by heavily armed lawmen, who arrived on the scene after someone apparently them a tip that there were guns inside. Stylo G ensured that he took to his Instagram account to stream the entire ordeal for his fans to see. The UK-based artist was detained and released on the same day.

It turns out that the report of guns was far from the truth as neighbors actually called the cops on the “Touch Down” artiste out of frustration of the artiste’s lifestyle. According to the Jamaican Star, one neighbor pointed out that the usual MO of the artiste entailed a Bungle of grown man in a house, loud music being played, and flashy cars.

While the video for “Bamm Bamm” documents the entire ordeal that the artist faced, Stylo employs a lighter approach in his video. The comedic value of the video is quite heavy in the opening scene, where we meet the intoxicated security guard who radio’s to Stylo to release the dogs after the police enter the premises. Along with the bit of comedy, the video also contains a lot more skimpily clad girls than what we saw parading on Stylo’s Instagram Live on the day of the search.

“Bamm Bamm” has been receiving a ton load of airplay since its release, with most radio stations and deejays already playing their own cut of the song. Stylo definitely knows how to pick the beats, as the hard-hitting kick drums and bassline make this a definite club banger, placing it right alongside “Touch Down” and “Dumplin.”

Stylo definitely has a sense of consistency about his approach and maybe planning to follow-up this latest release with an album that should be released shortly.