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Young Thug & Lil Keed Greets Each Other With A Kiss, Video Went Viral

This handshake and a kiss between rappers Young Thug and Lil Keed took a weird turn as the video went viral.

There are a lot of things that go on in blood gangs that non-bloods might not understand. Like any other fraternity, bloods have special handshakes and gang signs that are not only hard to catch on to but can sometimes be difficult to grasp the concept or purpose of it. A recent video going viral online shows Young Thug and Lil Keed engaging in one of their special greeting handshakes. This led fans to question the nature of this particular greeting known as the “gangsta smooch.”

Thugger and Lil Keed performed a series of quick and obscure hand gestures before closing out with a brief “bro hug” that had a twist. Keed planted a kiss at the base of Young Thug’s neck for the grande finale.

The video has been receiving mixed reviews with some fans saying it’s weird or queer, while others justify it with the fact that the Italians and French do it. “Y’all all tweaking but mob bosses do this sh*t and no one says sh*t,” the fan wrote on Instagram. Another fan commented, “Only people who don’t travel won’t understand the variety of customs around the world… that’s how family greet each other.”

Some fans assert that the two rappers are like family, and this is nothing out of the ordinary, but there was at least one fan who thought it was okay family or not. “Y’all don’t kiss the homies?” the fan wrote, attracting a number of likes and replies.

What do you think about the kissing culture in gangster handshakes? Check out the video for yourself.