Chronic Law Debuts New Single “Smaddy Afi Feel It” Listen It

Chronic Law drops off a new track, “Smaddy Afi Feel It.”

Chronic Law is not easing up, releasing songs in quick succession. His new track, “Smaddy Afi Feel It” follows hot on the heels of yesterday’s “Plastic Smile.” It begs the question, are all these linked in some way and symbolic of a much larger story?

The Lawboss has been winning fans over with everything, from the somber cover heart to the clean-cut lyrics. “Smaddy Afi Feel It” is about the pain and suffering felt after losing a loved one, especially to gang violence. Chronic is not about turning the other cheek and confesses that his enemies will get a taste of their own medicine. He also speaks about his friends who are in lockup and his need to protect his home turf by any means.

The Lawboss is a true storyteller, picking the right flows and melodies to bring forth that that deep remorseful feeling. “Cause these tears won’t fall in vain, smaddy afi feel the pain, these tears won’t fall again Smaddy Afi Feel the pain, Smaddy Afi Feel the grain,” he sings. A few persons have suggested that the artiste should be a straight cultural act based on the moving songs that he releases. Maybe he could even be called Chronic Law The Messenger.