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Yo Gotti Owns All His Masters After Escaping Major Label Deals

Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti officially owns all his masters.

There is a lot to celebrate at the top of the year for Yo Gotti. The rapper who recently dropped his new project Untrapped has been getting some rave reviews with some fans calling the project his comeback. As the rapper has been promoting the album, fans have learned that it means much more to him than we could have imagined.

The album title “Untrapped” is reportedly no coincidence and rather symbolic of Yo Gotti getting out of his recording deal contract and finally owning his own masters. The rapper is basically now managing the business aspect of his music business himself – which is very smart in this day and age.

Yo GottiYo Gotti took to Instagram Tuesday to announce the exciting news with a photo of him sitting in a director’s chair on a set. “Drop My Album, Out My Deal, Own My MASTERS …. ALL IN DA 1st Month of da Year 2020 GONE BE DIFFERENT,” he wrote on Instagram tagging the last two recording organizations that he will continue to do business with, Roc Nation and CMG – the latter is owned by him.

This is Yo Gotti’s opportunity to really perfect his craft in managing a record label and to get hands on with the business side of things. More and more artists these days are getting ownership of all their masters. Chris Brown is among them who legally own and have every right to every last note and sound on every song he has made, ever and he has hundreds. Ciara was also gifted her masters by her husband Russell Wilson.

Congratulations Yo Gotti for becoming the latest rapper to attain this outstanding career achievement. Check out his newly released album “Untrapped” now.