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Kevin Gates Dedicates New Song ‘Dreka’ To His Pregnant Wife

Kevin Gates penned a new song to his wife apologizing for his mistakes throughout their relationship.

Kevin Gate’s wife is still very much the love of his life. The rapper met Dreka Haynes at the tender age of 17 and the pair dated for more than 15 years before Kevin finally put a ring on her finger. Their union has spawned two beautiful children named Islah and Khaza and dozens of love songs referencing Mrs. Gates.

The latest is a track which bears her first name, just in case anyone was naïve enough to assume that the “Time for That” rapper’s affections lay anywhere else. However, “Dreka” is not a simple love tribute to his wife. Despite the song including the words, “Swear to God from this day forward it’s ’bout makin’ you happy,” Kevin also details a shady past that involved hurting the woman he loves.

“Drek, sit down, we need to talk, I’m ’bout to break your heart / The burdens that been placed upon you, babe, that’s all my fault (All my fault) / Cheatin’, multiple women, I can’t keep no account (Keep no account) / Takin’ care of multiple women out of separate accounts,” he admits to his partner who, aside from being the mother of his children, is also his manager. The song and its music video, which includes tender moments from the couple’s life together, were released today which happens to be Kevin’s 34th birthday.

“I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I wouldn’t be where I’m at in life if it wasn’t for this woman,” the artist gushed while sitting alongside Dreka during an interview on Everyday Struggle. “She has built me. Without a strong woman in your corner, a man lacks stability. He’s handicapped.”

Sounds like Dreka really is the MVP.