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Daddy 1 aka Bro Gad) Drops New Song “Killa 101”

Daddy 1, aka Bro Gad, comes through with some new heat on his new track “Killa 101.”

While the intensity at which the lyrics are being delivered feels very much like what a Daddy 1 track should feel like, the flow has some difference to it. The flow is aided by the beautifully crafted Twizted Metal Riddim, which is produced by Kadeem BlackState Productions. The track takes you on narrows valleys before injecting listeners with a rush of tumulous energy. The Bro Gad himself controls the riddim to perfection, dipping and rising when the track demands it.

The song speaks about Daddy1 and his crew’s evil deeds. Whether it is that he is riding his yeng yeng motorcycle or strolling through the streets sporting a jacket suit, he is sure to get the ‘job’ done.
The fans are in love with the lyrics and different hyperboles and similes he chooses to incorporate in the track.

One fan favorite seems to be, “bines Heng out Yuh face like clothesline.” Other noteworthy lyrics include, “Me got a new Jericho me call baby eagle / play wid the chigga me no play with people / left yuh house pon flame place stain wid diesel.”

A lot of listeners have been asking about a video for the recently released track. Daddy1 received raving reviewers for his “Custom” video. Therefore, a video for this track would definitely be something to see.