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50 Cent Squeezed $5K More Out Of Teairra Mari In Ongoing Legal Battle

50-cent-teairra-mari beef

50 Cent is squeezing more dough out of Teairra Mari in their ongoing legal case.

50 Cent and his team will have an even bigger smile on their way to the bank following his recent win over singer and reality tv star Teairra Marí. Fif has been battling quite a few court cases, however, it seems his luck is finally kicking in on this one with the amount of money he is set to receive increasing each time that Teairra doesn’t pay up. The r&b singer, who was previously signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, dragged 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad to court back in 2018.

Urban Islandz previously reported that she sued both men for allegedly leaking an explicit clip about her. The graphic, sexually explicit video in question, which shows the singer performing oral sex, was posted to her Instagram account. Mari’ accused her ex of logging into her account without her permission and posting the video.

Fif won his case, claiming that when he reposted the video, it was already all over the internet, even though Mari removed it from her own IG account.

As a result of the backfired lawsuit, Teairra Mari was ordered to cover 50’s legal expenses, which amounted to just over $30,000, but she has yet to ante up the cash. The 32-year-old songstress failed to make payments in 2019, and that saw an additional 4k being added. Another year equals to more money as an extra $5,295.60 was added yesterday, The Blast reported. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star has remained adamant that she is broke, and that is the reason behind her missing the deadlines for payment.

The “I Get Money” rapper is not taking it lightly as he recently filed documents to show that Teairra Mari has been refusing to hand over her financial records and Vh1 paychecks. The paychecks allegedly amount to $100,000 for 2019, and therefore, her excuse that she is broke seems no longer valid. 50 Cent and his legal team are also working to locate property owned by Mari in an effort to seize for the amount owed. On the basis that Fif has not received a penny, the Los Angeles judge also ordered her to provide her financial records to Fif’s team.

Hopefully, this will be the end of just one of 50 Cent’s long and winded court battles. Teairra Mari should just cough up the cash and move on, but judging from her recent reaction on Instagram, that’s unlikely to happen.