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NBA YoungBoy Hugged It Out With A Fan In Gamestop

If you ever see NBA YoungBoy in public just give him a big ol’ hug.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is showing real love to his fans. The rapper was recently spotted in a Game Stop shop where be ran into a huge fan. YoungBoy stopped and took a picture with the fan and then gave him an enormous hug. The fan seemed ecstatic to be in the 20-year-old rapper’s presence, and the best part was how genuine the hug was. NBA YoungBoy was grinning ear to ear as he wrapped both arms around the fan who did the same and held unto him in a sturdy grip.

Fans were quick to flood the comments under the social media photo with praises and perspectives of what would go down if they were the lucky fan in the image. One fan commented, “Aww this would be me all over him,” she wrote. Another fan said, “We all need a big ass hug sometimes,” in the comments. “That’s cool af Yb,” a fan also wrote.

Some fans seemed surprised by YoungBoy’s new approachable kind of vibe. One such fan wrote in the comments: “That’s what’s up, he turning into a man.” Another fan similarly wrote, “never thought I would see that n***a hug another man.”

Recently YoungBoy proclaimed that he is just being himself and is often judged and made out to look like a bad person. The rapper took to Twitter to admit: “F***ed up how People always make me seem like a bad person I’m just me,” the rapper tweeted.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again was recently let off house arrest and probation and is finally free of his legal Woes after years of a turbulent cycle of run-ins with the law. We hope his new positive outlook and subsequent actions will stand the test of time.