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Rygin King Drops New Song “Heavy Weight” Listen It

There are certain qualities to ensure that one reaches and maintains the status of a true heavyweight. Those main qualities are his ability to deliver when he is put to the test of time and what better way than with a constant flow of money.

Rygin King’s most recent track titled “Heavy Weight” speaks to his life as an entertainer. As you may have guessed, a lot of cash is needed to maintain his lifestyle as an entertainer who is at the top of his game. He sings about the bricks and stacks required and how to deal with anybody who is not in line with the master plan.

“Heavy Weight” finds itself on the Prominent Riddim. Production of the tracks on the project is handled by Ultimate Street Team, with TipGod Music joining forces to effectively mix and master the track.

Noteworthy lyrics include: “Stacks pon Stacks make cash flow / Say me money clean a no bok choy / garments white like Lasco / Dem fulla talk pon the internet but if you make the dunce dem catch you.

The fans seem to be really loving the track, with one Youtube user even mentioning, “Me a tell you seh mi a get up from morning and mi a count and all now mi cyah stop” Alright mi nah go lie, the yute full of style sometimes, song tuff. [Flame emoji] 8/10.”

Since being released on February 01, 2020, “Heavy Weight” has been viewed over 36,000 times on Youtube.