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Squash Flaunts Lavish Lifestyle In “Scotch & Soda” Video

The 6IXX boss tends to make a statement whenever he drops a new video, and the recently released “Scotch and Soda” mini-flick maintained that same level of professionalism that he is known for.

The Shane Creative and ShotbyShak directed video brings the Malakhii Records, produced track to a new level. Firstly, this is a car lover’s haven as we get to see various luxury and sports cars such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and the three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot doing burnouts as Squash and the crew party in the streets, drinking as you guessed it, Scotch and Soda. We can assume that Squash is a car fanatic as the majority of his videos are usually laced with high-end vehicles.

Along with having a good time with the crew, the video also captures the artiste during one of this stage show performances. The directors make quick use of rapid changing scenes to bring across the energy of a stage show, while the use of slow-motion for the car burnout scenes allows the viewer to truly appreciate the sheer power and beauty of the cars used in the shoot.

The video would not be complete without a few very appropriately dressed females and some bling. The artiste shows off the jewelry on his wrist as he sings, “Wrist and mi neck freeze but mi heart colder.”

The audio for Scotch and Soda was officially released on October 25, 2019, and has become a favorite among party fans for its offbeat riddim pattern and the way Squash approaches the track.

The video for Scotch and Soda is currently number 4 on Youtube’s Trending list.