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Chronic Law and Quada Drops New Song “Wild and Rich” Listen

Chronic Law and Quada link up on a new collab, “Wild and Rich.”

Numbers Don’t Lie Riddim has a new entry from the Lawboss, Chronic Law, and Unruly’s young protege Quada. The new track titled, “Wild and Rich” is produced by Dane Raychords in association with Unruly Entertainment. The title of the track speaks for itself, as they elaborate on what life is like in the fast lane. The two artistes tackle the fairly simple chorus as they repeat the words, “Wild and Rich.” While the chorus proves to be effective in its simplicity, the verses are where both artistes shine.

Chronic Law, the lyrical machine questions, “How me fulla money and me still a kill.” He continued with his lyrical onslaught, “me de pon the gas pump with a spliff a build / a pure matic a select up like a King Addies yuh try fi diss a Tivoli matic a kick like a Ribéry.”

Quada joins the part in the second verse of the track, “Wild and Rich A never Nothin normal / bankbook thicker than every gyal wa a swarm man…yeah the Allion fast when we bun road / the tank the card ring and me gun load lawyer money fi case in a gun court.”

The young unruly star is currently facing murder and arson charges following an April 2019 mob killing of a man in Sterling Castle Heights, St Andrew. The victim, Miguel Williams, was killed in his home after members of the community alleged that he raped and murdered 8-year-old Shantae Skyers.

Quada is scheduled to return to court on March 5 following his preliminary hearing, which was held on January 27, 2020.

Listen to “Wild & Rich” below.