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Boosie Badazz Caught His Son Insta Stunting With His Bentley

Boosie Badazz says his kids reminds him of himself in a new Instagram live video that caught his son Insta stunting with his Bentley after school.

Boosie Badazz shared the funny video live on social media with his commentary to keep you informed right throughout the footage. “Look at him right now. He wanna sit up there and take pictures and throw 4’s. He don’t even know I’m looking at his a**,” Boosie said. “Who the f**k he got driving his car?” the rapper asked before quickly identifying the person moments later when they revealed themselves.

“He come straight home and job on top of the mutha***in car. You need to go do your f***ing homework. Progress report finna come,” the rapper said before muttering something of a threat but indistinctly. “The first thing he come home and do. Look, just look at him. He so like his daddy. That lil n***a got swag though. Look at him – fresh! Fresh from school,” Boosie said during the live video. “He got on his Gucci shoes, that lil n***a got swag.”

Boosie Badazz continued to film the swag kid stunting like his daddy outside from a room upstairs the house. Boosie’s son continued the photoshoot on top of the eye-catching ruby red crossover Sport Utility Vehicle. After getting a few more shots on top of the car, Littler Boosie hopped off and shut the doors before heading inside the house.

Lil Boosie recently said in an interview that doing well in school is what he encourages the most with his kids; that’s a priority in his household. The rapper was sure to uphold those values and ordered his son to go do his homework the minute he entered the house. While Boosie sees a lot of himself in his kids, he’s not letting them slip one bit or follow the exact same path he did.

“Y’all go do your homework bruh, I know y’all got it,” Boosie told the kids when they got in the house. “It’s Tuesday bruh.” Once his son obliged with “Aight” Boosie could not refrain from adding, “Aight, ’cause the first thing you do is flick up… Go on do your homework.” Lil Boosie might be a hilarious talent in the streets (and let’s face it, everywhere else too), but he is a parent first at home. Check out the amusing father and son exchange.