Michelle Obama Wins ‘Best Spoken Word Album’ Grammy

Michelle Obama stays winning, as she joins her husband as a winner of a Grammy Award.

Barrack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America, laid the foundation by copping two separate Grammy wins for the same category. His first win was back in 2006 for the recording of “Dreams From My Father,” he followed up that win in 2008 with the recording for “The Audacity of Hope.”His wife and the former First Lady Of The United States also secured the top spot in the spoken-word category for her audio rendition of her book Becoming, at this year’s staging of The Grammys.

Much like everything else she does, she secured the top spot against worthy nominees such as Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Scott Sherratt, and Dan Zitt, for their work on the Beastie Boys Book), Eric Alexandrakis (I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years As A Two-Time Cancer Survivor), John Waters (Mr. Know-It-All) and poet Sekou Andrews & The String Theory (Sekou Andrews & The String Theory).

During a recent interview with CBS News, Sekou expressed his concerns about the structure of the category. Currently, the spoken word category includes poetry, audiobooks & storytelling. He mentioned that audiobooks should have their own category as quite often; the reader is not the one who composed the piece of literature. The category was first introduced to the Grammy Awards in 1959 and has since been won by 3 US presidents.

Becoming chronicles Michelle Obama’s rise from Chicago to her career in law and ultimately becoming the First Lady Of The United States.