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Jordin Sparks Quickly Shut Down Ex Jason Derulo’s Question

Jordin Sparks is not letting the media jeopardize her relationship and family with conversations about her ex-boyfriend.

The singer was recently out and about minding her own business when the paparazzi approached her to get a statement. Jordin Sparks is currently married to Dana Isaiah and shares a child with him – one-year-old son Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. The couple has been married since 2017 and have been inseparable since they first got together.

Jordin Sparks used to date singer-songwriter Jason Derulo for about three years; their relationship ended back in 2014. Little did Jordin know, the subject of her conversation would be her famous ex, who has become well known for his “bulge” after a photo of his private area surfaced online. A TMZ camerawoman caught up with Jordin, and at first, the singer seemed willing to talk to her, but when she heard the nature of the conversation, she quickly escaped to her vehicle.

“Hey Jordin! How are you?” the woman behind the camera asked. “I’m good. How are you?” Jordin asked in return. The woman then started to ask a question about Jason Derulo, to which Jordin quickly responded, “Nope!” before quickly running towards her car. The singer continued to repeat “Nope” as the TMZ rep continued with questions like, “You hate Jason?” Luckily her monotonous response applied.

The woman continued to question, “How do you feel about the bulge?” and Jordin seemed to hesitate for a moment to process the inquiry before she continued to say “Nope,” and finally was able to enter her car and leave. Many fans were left to question why the reported would ask about Jason when Jordin is happily married and has her own family.

Fans were also pleased to see Jordin deflecting the question without saying or insinuating anything negative about her ex. The hilarious “Nope” moment will surely go down in the meme history books.