Dancehall Dancer Bumpa Died Performing Dangerous Acrobatic Stunt

Popular dancehall dancer Bumpa lost her life after a dangerous stunt went horribly wrong.

The dancehall community is mourning the death of another of its members. Popular street dancer Bumpa died on Thursday (January 23, 2020) after sustaining serious injuries to her neck while performing a dangerous acrobatic dance move. Video footage of the incident has been circulating on social media since yesterday, showing the tragic incident that left the community in shock. We won’t post the video due to the graphic nature, but a quick search on YouTube will unearth it.

Another dancer, who is identified as Momo, was performing the dangerous stunt with Bumpa. She has since released a voice note explaining what happened as she’s now being blamed for the death of her fellow dancer. “Me a go over her and me bodyweight come down but a nuh di whole a me bodyweight me put over her,” the female said in the voice note that is now circulating. “But the bodyweight weh me put dung pan her, and she go down pan her neck, yo understand.”

Members of the public and the dancing community are now pleading with Momo to turn herself into police. At the time of this publication, police officers still have not made contact with her. It’s unclear at this time if she will face charges as a result of Bumpa’s death.

This latest incident further highlights the dangers of performing these dangerous stunts in dancehall. Dancer’s losing their lives while performing dance moves isn’t new to dancehall. A few years ago, another female dancer died while performing the popular Dutty Wine dance.