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Tommy Lee Sparta Delivers “Hard Ears” Video, Watch It

Tommy Lee Sparta dropped the audio for “Hard Ears” just over a month ago, and now we have the visuals to complete the entire package.

Before jumping into the contents of the video, Tommy Lee Sparta has to be applauded as one of the most consistent talents in the business. He has had an extraordinary 2019, releasing multiple singles with many getting steady rotations at home and abroad. “Hard Ears” sees Tommy linking with Montego Bay-based producer TipGod, and it seems it is the first official track between the two. Tommy does the track justice and brings his style to the forefront.

Tommy’s tone plays, and vocal changes are always pleasantly surprising. He displays his talent all through the track, however, he really gets into it to the end, transforming from singing to a mild chant before resuming singing. Much like all of Tommy’s recent track, this one also has Boss Lady Muzik’s hands all over it. Maybe that is the secret sauce to his recent success and consistent music video releases.

The video of “Hard Ears” opens with the Boss Lady logo before jumping to a shot of Tommy deejaying in front of a mirror. The video has many scenes that make you go hmmm, based on the violent insinuations in some of the scenes. With shots such as a man lighting a blowtorch while someone is tied to a tree or the imagery of a man wielding a machete leaves a lot of gray areas for the mind to wonder what happens next, definitely getting the blood pumping. We have Pixl Edge Studio to thank for the shots. They also captured visuals for one of his more recent videos, “Under Vibes.”

Tommy Lee seems ready for 2020, and with Boss Lady Muzik at the helm of things, it could be a very fulfilling year.