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2 Chainz Links With Future On “Dead Man Walking” Did He Cut His Dreads?

2 Chainz chopped off his dreadlocks, then links with Future on “Dead Man Walking.”

A brand new girl, a brand new video and track featuring hip hop legend Drake and now fans are getting another video and song from Future. This time the collaboration is within the state as 2 Chainz calls on Hendrix to add some fire to “Dead Man Walking.” We barely in 2020 and Future is already killing the game. “Dead Man Walking” is the ultimate trap banger, what else can you expect from two of the best in the game. The two rappers have been quested about not collaborating in the past, even drawing rumors that they were beefing. While being interviewed by Billboard back in July of 2019, 2 Chainz confirmed that there was no bad blood between him and his fellow ATL trap legend. He also spoke of the song and said that it was long overdue.

“People thought me and Bru had a problem w/ each other which is not true. We have some the same street connections and spoke alot behind closed doors! This song I’m droppin #DEADMANWALKING a celebration for the streets. 2 hustlas who made it out the mud w/o hating on each other!” mentioned Chainz during the interview.

Tity Boi also posted videos on his IG page back in July 2019, showing the shooting of the music video for “Dead Man Walking.” The rapper confirmed earlier today that the video will go live tonight at 11.59. Based on what we see from the preview released on the rapper’s IG page, the video looks like something from a zombie apocalypse movie.

Here are some noteworthy lyrics from 2 Chainz: “I’m smokin’ Mary Jane, flossin’/ I got the sauce like teriyaki/ Kickin’ my s**t like Texas Walker/ You and your homie are the same target/ Put you both in the same coffin”

Future gets in on it as well, “Know how to hold that fork in the Pyrex pot, then you cook it up/ I keep the fives, the tens, the fifties and hundreds are slices of bread, yeah/ My chains are hittin’ her head, I still got licked up, yeah, yeah/ Talkin’ to my main b**ch, gettin’ my d**k s**ked.”

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This my second cut of the year

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Before dropping the track, 2 Chainz hinted that he cut off his signature dreadlocks, but turns out he didn’t cut it all off, but maybe did some tripping.

The audio for “Dead Man Walking” can be streamed below.