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Meek Mill Transition From Rapper To Actor In “Charm City Kings” Thriller

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Meek Mill gets to put his acting to the test in a new Will and Jada-produced film.

Get your popcorn, nachos, and dips ready as we are going to see Philadephia’s own Meek Mill showcases his acting chops in the upcoming movie Charm City Kings, executively produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. The casting was spot-on for this movie, as true Meek Mill fans will know that the rapper is an avid lover of motorcycles. His love for the art even saw him getting into some issues with the law. According to reports from the New York Police Department, Meek was arrested for riding his motorcycle recklessly on the Manhattan streets, popping wheelies and other stunts all while not wearing a helmet.

This same energy while riding is transcended into Blax, the character played by Meek, who is the leader of the Baltimore dirt biking squad, Midnight Clique. It is the top clique in the area, and just the group upcoming rider, 14-year-old Mouse, wants to join. Mouse, who is played by Jahi Di’Allo Winston, finally finds his way into the clique as he becomes Blax’s young protege.

Life in the fast lane, on the streets of Baltimore, is no joke, and young Mouse soon gets an understanding of the streets. He is left to figure out if he wants to use his newfound talent for good and remain humble or if he will turn to the dark side and lead a life of crime and violence.
This is not Meek’s first movie as he was cast in a 2011 flick titled, Streets which has a similar gritty feeling as this latest endeavor.

Charm City Kings took inspiration from Lotfy Nathan’s 2013 documentary, 12 O’Clock Boys. The acting talents of Will Catlett, Teyonah Parris, Donielle Tremaine Hansley, and Kezii Curtis were cast alongside Meek and Jahi to transform the documentary into a movie. The film will be first shown at the Sundance Film Festival a little later in January and will hit a few theatres on April 10th. Sherman Payne was the brainchild behind the screenplay, with story development handled by Chris Boyd, Kirk Sullivan, and the Oscar-winning director who spearhead Moonlight, Barry Jenkins.

Fans are expecting big things from the movie already quoting lines from the trailer, “When it’s time to be loyal everybody disappears.”