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Justin Bieber Teases New Music With Quavo & Murda Beatz, Sounds Fire

Justin Bieber previews new unreleased music with Quavo and Murda Beatz.

2020 has only just began, and Justin Bieber can’t seem to stay out of the blogs, in the last 48-hours Bieber has been accused of asking fans to illegally download his music and totally shaded artist Roddy Ricch in an attempt to get the #1 record on Billboard’s Hot 100 (“Yummy” vs. “The Box”). This time, however, the “Yummy” artist is sharing with his fans a snippet of a potential upcoming track with Quavo and Murda Beatz.

On Saturday, Justin Bieber amid his ongoing feud with Roddy Ricch over his lackluster single, “Yummy,” discreetly released a snippet of some new music that we are assuming will be included on his forthcoming album. However, we can’t confirm just yet because the “As Long As You Love Me” artist didn’t include much detail like the name or the release of the track.

During the one minute-forty-seven clip, fans can hear the pop-star rapping on the Murda Beatz production, calling out things like: “fake friends” and “Jesus.” In his initial verse, Bieber raps, “Aint it funny how the money, and the cars, and the clothes were nothing until I met Jesus/ And ain’t it funny how they you look up in the sky and see the stars & the moon and still don’t believe them,” before turning it over to Quavo for the chorus.

Now we won’t pass any judgment about the track… just yet. But we will ask fans this, “Isn’t it convenient timing for Bieber to preview a track featuring a collaboration with two of the biggest names in hip-hop?” And, “Could this all be a pull to help garner attention for his single “Yummy”?

We aren’t sure yet, but we do know Roddy Ricch’s, “The Box” is looking like a likely no.1, sorry Biebs.