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50 Cent Tracking Down Elusive Rick Ross In Georgia To Serve Court Docs

50 Cent and Rick Ross
50 Cent, Rick Ross

Rick Ross has been eluding 50 Cent’s legal team but not for long.

50 Cent is clearly tired of playing games and is planning to pull up on Rick Ross to get his legal issues sorted out once and for all. Let’s jump into our time machine for a bit and head to 2009. This was the year when the world got to experience the release of Lavonia Leviston’s sex tape narrated by 50 Cent’s Afrostyled character Pimpin’ Curly, who dragged Leviston through the mud, meanwhile dissing his arch-nemesis Rick Ross. To be honest, Leviston may have been a necessary casualty as the real aim of the release seems to have been to hurt Leviston’s baby father, rapper Rick Ross. She did not take the release of the video lying down and took 50 to court, snatching a cool 7 million when the dust settled.

50 Cent has since filed a lawsuit against his former lawyers Reed Smith, on the basis of legal misrepresentation. One of the main arguments of the prosecutors is that Reed Smith did not disclose to 50 Cent that they have made agreements with Leviston’s lawyers to stop any possibility of Rick Ross testifying during the trial. According to the “P.I.M.P.” rapper, the poor legal work caused him to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

It’s their words against his unless they get the key witness in the matter, Rick Ross, to testify that agreement was put in place. Ross clearly has no intention of making this easy for Fif, giving him and his legal team the runaround for months. They have tried to serve him at home, at shows, and even at one of his fast-food joints.

“Given his celebrity lifestyle, Ross has proven exceptionally difficult to personally serve. As a prominent celebrity, Ross lives in a gated home and has personal security personnel protecting him at the various public appearances he makes,” mentioned 50 Cent last November after asking the courts to extend the time to December 20, 2019.

The extension was clearly not enough time to catch up on Ross, who is proving to be pretty agile. 50’s next move is to make his way to Atlanta.

“[50 Cent] has retained local counsel in the Northern District of Georgia and is in the process of preparing to file a Motion to Compel Ross’ compliance with the Ross Subpoena in that District,” Imran H. Ansari, Esq of 50’s legal team confirmed.

Fif is asking for a further extension from the courts so that he can use his new Georgia based legal team to finally locate and serve Rick Ross, so that he can appear in court before January 31, 2020.