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Young Thug & YG Savagely Trolls Meek Mill For Ashy Hands

YG and Young Thug are trolling Meek Mill for his ashy hands while showing off his new bling.

It seems Meek Mill was flaunting his wealth by dropping a brief video showing a brand new 18 st pendant. The rapper captioned the video, “ill18th n Berks x 18th s cathrine ….. “not the gang” just to be clear! New chains for new music.” We are unsure if the chain is his personal or if it’s a rental for new music the rapper is working on. One thing is sure, The “Heaven or Hell” rapper pockets ain’t light, and he should be able to pay for the chain without issues.

Meek Mill and Thug had actually been on a Bahamian trip were they gambled together. Meek took to Twitter to share that they made so much money that the casino was unable to pay upfront. The shot of both Thug and Meek at the casino showed the two rappers close to each other. Therefore, Young Thug must have seen Meek’s fingers at some point or another. This makes Thugger’s comments below the video of Meek’s chain even funnier.

Thug commented, “Wtf fingers are those?”

The hand holding the pendant shows a dirty, cracked index finger. One of Meek’s followers commented, “hands of a hard worker,” to which Meek responded, confirming what persons had already picked up on, “they not my hands lol.” A female fan confessed to meeting Meek in the past, confirming that his hands were very soft to the touch. The hand is presumably that of the persons putting the masterpiece together.

YG did join the comment section, sharing a bunch of laughing emoji before mentioning the message in his caption is “very Klear.” Now that we have all had a laugh over the grizzly hands holding Meek’s brand new piece, the topic of when we will be getting the new music is now open for discussion.