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Antonio Brown Drops New Video for his single “Whole Lotta Money”

Antonio Brown releases his first single “Whole Lotta Money” with an accompanied video.

Antonio Brown has officially entered the world of hip-hip following his abrupt exit from professional football. For weeks the controversial athlete has trolled the Internet with his #NoMoreWhiteWoman2020 campaign and even taken to his Instagram story asking for “20 beautiful white women for a photo shoot for his new album cover. But finally, the wait is over (even though we aren’t quite sure who was waiting), the self-proclaimed athlete turned rapper has released a music video for his first single titled “Whole Lotta Money,” produced Reazy Renegade over the weekend. If you recall Brown began teasing the release back on December 23.

And as the track title reveals, “Whole Lotta Money,” is all about the wide receiver’s excessive amount of cash. In the video, you can see AB dripped in jewels, and surrounded by half-naked women throwing cash off a mansion balcony.

To add to the repetitive melody which goes a little like this: “Whole lotta money, whole lotta money/ I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money/ I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money/ I gotta whole lotta money, you can’t hold nothin’ from me.”

AB adds questionable lyrics like the following: “Word around town I’m the MVP/ I’m the young boy watch yeah they envy me. / And I be strapped up to my drawls to my f**king cleats.”

We aren’t sure what MVP he is referring to since as many football fans know AB’s future in the National Football League remains uncertain. Especially following his latest stunt with the New Orleans Saints where he shared a photo of the text from a confidential free agent waiver form he signed before the work out with the team and then appeared to practice with a full entourage.

Ultimately, the wide receiver was not signed.

Brown’s decision to get into the music business became known quickly after his 2019 release from both the Raiders’ and Patriots’ rosters following two extremely short stints with the teams. And as fans know, the embattled wide receiver later filed grievances against both teams to receive more than $40 MILLION in unpaid salaries.

Who knows Brown may find inspiration from his former teammate, and fellow artist Le’ Veon Bell who also dropped a music video for his new song “Slide” last summer.