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Masicka Drops Off A Fire New Track “Rich”

Masicka Drug Lawd

Masicka is “Rich” for the new year.

Masicka is stepping into 2020 with money on his mind, and the artiste is not just prophecizing a few dollars. The “Image” deejay is envisioning richness like no other, speaking wealth and prosperity into the lives of his friends, family, and by extension, his legacy. Masicka doesn’t only sing about the acquiring of the riches but also what will be done to anyone who tries to put a stop to his hustle. The track produced by Rado from the Armzhouse Record label is the artiste’s first release for 2020 and seems to be resonating well with the Genasyde fans.

The artiste is known for providing catchy choruses and charged up verses, and this is exactly what he does in this 2 minute 48 seconds track simply titled, “Rich.” He reminds listeners, “Everything ago cost yuh, jus fi live ago cost yuh / when you na no money everything ago pass you / one life fi live loww me make me flass, yuh mussie idiot go back a class no.” He then jumps into the chorus and asked a rhetorical question, “Who that a gwaan like dem no wa rich?”

Masicka posted the artwork for the track to his Instagram feed and left an exciting caption, “New music go check it out. Album loading any minute now. Happy new year again. 1syde #strong.” Not only were fans promised the new track, but it seems there will be an album for 2020. “Any time dah album arrive mi ago purchase,” commented one Instagram user.

The artiste is already gearing up for a great 2020, with European tour dates announced for February.