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Video Of Offset FaceTime With Cardi B During Police Traffic Stop Surfaced

Offset popped out his iPhone and FaceTime Cardi B during a police traffic stop in Atlanta and now the video has been released.

Migos rapper Offset was arrested and charged in April 2018 just outside of Atlanta. After conducting a search, the police found $107,000 in cash, marijuana, and three firearms. He was hit with felony charges for the three guns found in the car along with misdemeanors for the marijuana and traffic violation, which allegedly led to the stop. The rapper was able to post bail and made it home to, then 6 days old Kulture and wife Cardi B. Offset’s lawyer has long stated that the arrest was a case of profiling.

Now almost 2 years after the incident, we have videos from police dash and body cams to see and hear all that went down after the stop. The initial report stated that the white 2014 Porche that Offset was driving was pulled over for a traffic violation. The dialogue and explanation provided by the police in the video point to the window tint being too dark as the reason for the stop. It is later revealed that ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives] orchestrated the stop so that the Clayton County Officers could do a search.

Offset was a bit hesitant to provide his license and even asked if the police were not aware of who he was; however, all but one[1] mentioned that they were not familiar. The “Clout” rapper used his phone to show the police his Instagram account and even pictures of his wife Cardi B. The rapper then FaceTimed his lawyer, who advised him to provide the identification. His lawyer actually remained on the phone up until the cuffs were placed on him, even speaking with police at one point. He had he also dialed his wife Cardi B before being asked to step outside of the car, allowing the cops to say hi to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

The video does clear up a few loose ends but also opens up the question of, did they already know that there were guns in the car? You can peep the video below to see and hear all that took place, including Offset bodyguard’s comments made while he was being held in the police car. Go ahead and give your thoughts on Offset’s actions and his bodyguard’s comments after watching the video.