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Bow Wow Tells ‘Broke Bums’ To Stay Away From Him In 2020

Bow Wow

Bow Wow is all ready for the new year — and the haters are not welcome to join him.

Bow Wow has a busy 2020 in store as he is scheduled to go on tour with Omarion. Following a less-than-seamless reunion tour with his old group B2K, Omarion is attempting a second version of his Millennium Tour — this time without B2K, but with the addition of Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Ashanti, and some other big stars. As the “Broken Heart” rapper prepares for what the new year has in store for him, Bow Wow released a message — a public service announcement, if you will — to those who don’t fit into his name frame of mind.

“My new phase is I ain’t f***ing with you,” he said in his Instagram Story. “If you broke and you a bum and you ain’t got nothing going for yourself, on my mama. You stripping don’t do nothing for me. My wifey can strip for me. You know what I’m sayin’? If you put some Fashion Nova, I can make that happen for the b**ch I’m f***ing with. You can’t do nothing for me. If you can’t cook good or clean good, you can’t do nothing for me. I’m a simple a** n***a. If you can’t do none of that sh**, stay the f*** away from me.”

Despite the harsh tone, it seems the sentiment is coming from a positive place as the 32-year-old shared his good vibes for 2020. “2020 my year, man. New money, new attitude, new paper and I’m getting on y’all n*ggas just like I was in 2019. Except 2020 gon’ be a little bit more different. Yeah, I’m movin’ different. If y’all hoes movin’ the same, don’t even come my way.”

According to Bow Wow, by now he’s already entered his new phase, so best start shaping up!