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Lil Durk Denied Entry Into Bahamas Due To Legal Troubles In The States

Lil Durk was denied entry into the Bahamas last weekend, resulting in some disappointed fans.

Rapper Lil Durk was turned away by immigration enforcement in the Bahamas after attempting to gain entry for a December 28th concert. Earlier this month, fans voiced their confusion and suspicions about the upcoming show, unsure of how an American who is out on bail after being arrested on an attempted murder charge is able to travel to the Bahamas. There were even claims that Durk had bribed the Department of Immigration to reverse the denial of his request for entry earlier this year.

Now, it seems that Lil Durk was not given a free pass and will be heading back to the states donning his police-mandated ankle bracelet.

Back in June of this year, Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, was arrested and charged with attempted murder in Georgia. The incident in question occurred in February and involved a drive-by shooting that left one man injured. Durk has claimed affiliation with the Black Disciples, a violent gang based out of Chicago. The motive for the shooting is unclear, but many suspects it was gang-related. Witnesses at the scene claim to have seen Durk commit the crime only minutes after watching the two men arguing in front of an Atlanta restaurant.

Although Durk has been out on bail, the terms of his release initially demanded that he refrain from going out in public between 11 pm and 7 am, making it difficult to book late-night concerts. Given his strict curfew, fans couldn’t understand how the Bahamas show was ever supposed to happen. Now, some fans are wondering if I was all a scam to make money with the sales of non-refundable tickets. It has not yet been announced if ticket holders will receive refunds or if Durk will be receiving pay despite his inability to perform.