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Meek Mill Rants About The Downsides Of Fame, Teases New Music For Early 2020

Meek Mill is reflecting on the price of fame.

Meek Mill is known for being active on Twitter and often shares random thoughts on music, relationships, social justice issues, and more. The Philadelphia native often drops gems as he reflects on life as a hip-hop veteran and recently talked about how fame has affected him since coming in the rap game over 10 years ago. The tweet resembled the form of the lyrics in which Meek usually gets raw and honest, and he even told fans to expect some new hot music at the top of next year.

“All this money and this fame kinda ruined me as a person,” the “Going Bad” rapper tweeted. “I’m watching people that I love tryna be in the circus.. a billy coming it’s gone “b” even worster.” Since Meek’s release from prison in 2018, he’s been leading criminal justice reform efforts, which has brought him a lot of press. Recent interviews revealed the 32-year-old used to struggle with opioid addiction that affected his relationships, some hardships that he may have been referring to in that tweet.

Shortly after, Meek encouraged other artists to drop a bunch of new music at the top of 2020 and alluded to some heat that he was sitting on himself. “Top of the year let’s just have a drop off! I gotta drop some of this flame!!!,” he said. Meek’s last project Championships was released in December 2018 and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album in the 2020 awards.