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Drake Says Pusha T Music Is Trash, Has Zero Interest In Speaking With Kanye West

Drake thinks Pusha T music is trash and has zero interest in speaking with Kanye West.

Drake sat down with Rap-radar Podcast for a 2-hour interview live-streamed on TIDAL. Drizzy invited Elliott Wilson and Brian Miller to his home over the holidays to share his opinions on various issues around hip-hop, his journey, and standing within the culture. When the topic centered on the beef he has with other rappers, he did not take an apologetic tone. Surprisingly, Drake showed no intention of settling his grudges with Kanye West of Pusha T. The beef between the two can be traced to 2011 when Drizzy came to the defense of his mentor, Lil Wayne. Pusha responded on the 2011 track, “Don’t F**k With Me.”

A year later, Pusha released “Exodus 23:1” where he directly referenced the rapper’s contractual situation. There have been several other backs and forth incidents in between, but the culmination of the rivalry manifested in Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” where he revealed that Drake had a baby who he keeps secret from the world. In an unexpected twist of events, The Scorpion rapper decided not to respond to that. He mentions how the accusations on the track were falsified, and he is of the opinion, “there is no turning back.”

Drake was blunt when asked about the situation with Pusha T. He said he has “no desire to mend anything with that person.” He added, “some people listen to his music, I obviously don’t.”

The OVO emcee touched on his current position with Kanye West. The Toronto rapper shares, “he currently recruited a guy with a similar dislike for me.” In that regard, Drizzy said that he finds it hard to believe anything Kanye says in interviews. “There is something there that bothers him deeply, and I can’t fix it for him.” However, Aubrey Graham acknowledges West for his talent. He even admits that he ranks him as his favorite artist – of course excluding Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

When asked if he was open to communication with Kanye, he replied, “No, not really.”

In an interview with Zane Lowe back in October, Kanye mentioned how he lives four blocks away from Drake’s home. He mentioned how he occasionally walks over to Drake’s house and leaves his phone number.

Knowing Kanye for his outspoken nature, we are waiting to see how he perceives Drizzy’s current state of their relationship.