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Drake Gets Meme Barrage On Billie Eilish’s 18th Birthday

Drake got peppered with memes on Billie Eilish’s 18th birthday,

Drake has not been doing himself any favors when it comes to his public friendships with underage girls. First, actress Millie Bobby Brown revealed last year (at the age of fourteen) that she and the rapper text each other regularly. More recently, singer Billie Eilish told Vanity Fair that Drake is also on her text list, and referred to him as “a homie” and “the nicest dude.” Eilish was only seventeen at the time of the interview, but now the internet is in a frenzy over the “Bad Guy” singer’s eighteenth birthday, and what it might mean for Drake’s questionable intentions.

Drake, now 33-years-old, has only ever claimed to be a fan of both Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish’s work, and has never technically done anything out of line to suggest that these relationships were inappropriate. However, internet onlookers and social media trolls call the conversations with underage girls “creepy” and suggest that he may be grooming future romantic partners. The internet was swarming with memes on Eilish’s eighteenth birthday that either suggests Drake must be celebrating her newly legal age or that he would now be uninterested in continuing his conversations with an adult.

While Drake’s friendships with underage girls do seem odd, it is possible that these interactions have all been entirely innocent. Drake’s most recent love interests have all been in their twenties and thirties, and neither Billie nor Millie have had anything but good things to say about the Canadian rapper. The internet, in all its ruthlessness, however, won’t miss an opportunity to make fun of a celebrity who has been walking the line of appropriate behavior. One video featuring John Cena making an exaggeratively angry face was captioned, “Drake deleting Billie Eilish off his phone after she turns 18.”