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Fan Mistaken Erica Mena For Nicki Minaj Got Beat Down For It, Erica Speak Out On Reports

It’s no secret that Erica Mena gets a bit tense at the sound of Nicki Minaj’s name, but to order a beatdown for it is just a whole other level.

Love and Hip-Hop stars and recently married couple Safaree and Erica were reportedly in New York City last night when some members of their squad ended up in an altercation with another individual. While the Shaderoom did not know the whole story, someone who alleges that they were a witness to the fracas gave a little back story in the comments. According to this source, a young girl called Erica Mena “Nicki Minaj” (much to her disliking of course) and Safaree sought to defend his wife since apparently this is the worst insult anyone can spew at his soon to be baby mama.

After the Love & Hip Hop star started “fake wilding,” according to the source, a gentleman reportedly stepped in to defend the females who were being verbally attacked by Safaree. However, his chivalry was met with an ambush. “And when this man tried to defend the females they jumped him and tried to stab him,” the source wrote in the comments for a video about the story that surfaced online.

In the short clip that is said to be the aftermath of the brawl, a man is seen laying on the ground while Safaree, Erica, and their crew were a few feet away standing by their car. Witnesses behind the camera phones in the background can be heard yelling at the couple, seemingly admonishing their previous actions. “That’s f***ed up,” one person is heard repeating.

Eric Mena has since responded to the post from Shaderoom calling it fake news.

The newlyweds who are expecting their first child together soon, are yet to address the incident that has now gone viral online. However, this wouldn’t be the first time a moment captured on video went viral where Erica – obviously perturbed by Nicki Minaj comparisons – clapped back at a fan of the rapper who annoyingly kept telling her that she wished she was Nicki. Only this time, there is an alleged assault, so you never know if what may appear to be an amusing video on social media now, might become evidence for a court case later.