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Blueface Makes It Rain Like The Cash Santa In Los Angeles, Catch Some Heat For It


Rapper Blueface Bleedem is causing cash chaos in the streets of Los Angeles and he is catching some heat for it.

‘Tis the season of giving indeed and Blueface is really feeling the holiday spirit. The 22-year-old rapper shared a short clip to social media of him giving away tons of cash. In the video that Blueface posted on Instagram, the rapper is seen standing on top of his black Mercedes G-Wagon tossing wads and wads of cash at the people that surround him on the streets. The weather was not the best and on top of everyone being cold and wrapped up in their winter jackets, the street was wet and sticky as well.

Blueface threw the stacks of cash like he was in a strip club and sent people frantically chasing the unpredictable flight of the paper bills in an effort to secure some free cash for the holidays. Chaos erupted as people ran into each other, cars pulled up and drivers exited their vehicles to join in on the golden opportunity and even one guy climbed on top of Blueface’s truck in the end.

The Los Angeles rapper kept the caption for the video short and sweet, simply stating “The season of giving,” with the money bag emoji. While some fans commended the rapper for this charitable act, others thought it was disrespectful for Blueface to spill the cash out onto the streets as people grovelled at his feet rather than handing them the money like a decent human being. Fans with varying opinions on the viral video took to the comments to air out their feelings on it. Some speculated that there were only dollar bills being disseminated and found it offensive. “This isn’t any different from them strippers you was throwing money at laughing at them,” one fan wrote. “I couldnt see myself even picking up that money smh hella disrespectful,” another commented. One fan actually had a positive reaction, writing “nice of you bruh” in the comments and another called the rapper a “Legend.” Okay, let’s not get crazy now.

Some fans who were concerned that the pool of paper chasers were predominantly homeless folks, suggested that they would spend the money on their next high and that Blueface should have given them food instead. Overall most agreed with one fan who said, “This is not the right way to give.”

There is something to be said about those who would criticize the way the rapper is giving back rather than just be pleased that he is doing so in the first place. Whether they are homeless or not, crack addicts or not, hungry or not, this man is sharing his earnings with these complete strangers. Granted it’s not in the most gracious way to do it but the point is he is doing it. What’s that saying? “D*mned if you do, d*mned if you don’t.”

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