Majah Hype Rants About His Relationship Troubles On The Gram

Majah Hype’s Instagram page is usually the goto place whenever someone is feeling down. The comedian has been steadily increasing his scope and traction in the comedic realm, which shows all across America, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Last night Majah Hype took to his Instagram Live account to give us some different content from what we are used to.

He touched on topics involving relationships, seemingly picking issues in his now defuncted union. Majah has been photographed numerous times with his beautiful bombshell, whether it is an evening out on the town or a family vacation inclusive of the kids. Sadly, it seems there is now trouble in paradise.

“Nobody come into my life and f**king doubt me and question me and let me feel like I’m inferior or make me feel like I’m not good enough or I’m not worthy, Oh I’m not doing that anymore,” mentioned a clearly upset Majah.

He posed a question to the viewers on his page, “I wanna know, what do we think a relationship is?”

He proceeded to explain his vision of a relationship, “In my eyes, a relationship is a bond, a partnership, it’s a friendship, it’s supposed to be two people coming together and growing together, building with each other, being each other crutches.”

A few commenters were questioning why he was taking to social media to air his personal business. In recent times other entertainers have taken to social media to vent about the problems in their relationship. Konshens recently took to social media to speak about his infidelities but also his love and appreciation for his spouse. Konshens was also blasted for using social media as a way to vent. However, the artiste tweeted that this was his way to vent.

Majah Hype also mentioned that there are a lot of persons going through stressful relationship issues, and they do not have a platform or someone to vent to. This, in turn, led to him expounding on his birthday weekend in Florida, mentioning that the aesthetics of everything was okay, but he was not doing okay mentally. He spoke about his roots and his background as a child, “When you question my character, you question my mother’s upbringing, how my mother raised me, how my father raised me, how my grandfather raised me, how my grandmother raised me. I don’t come from no f***ry background.”

He states that his grandparents kept things peaceful in front of the kids, an allusion that the previous generation knew how to keep things civil for the kids.

To the end of his rant, Majah proposed that he is making a change and is not waiting until 2020 to initiate it. “It’s about to be 2020 and there is no way I am going into the new year with all that on my back, all that stress.”

Majah also left a few posts to his Instagram Stories, with one reading, “For the record, I NEVER EVER said that my Ex was a bad person. Nor did I try to paint a picture that I was a Victim. Things just didn’t work out! I’ll always love her because we had history and we had lots of good times together and I truly wish her peace and prosperity along her journey.”

During his Live Majah mentioned that he is doing okay.