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Megan Thee Stallion Iced Wiz Khalifa Dating Rumors, Here Is The Video

Megan Thee Stallion says she is not dating Wiz Khalifa, but check out this video.

With all the men Megan Thee Stallion is supposedly dating, it’s a wonder the rapper has any time to make music. The “Hot Girl Summer” artist was recently given the Powerhouse Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards after notching up three singles in the Billboard Hot 100 throughout the year. Aside from making deadlines for topping charts, she’s also been the fodder of tabloids for who she is — and isn’t — dating. And apparently, Wiz Khalifa is her latest boo of the gossip mags are to be believed. In November, rumors were rife that she was putting Tristan Thompson off his game, but the 24-year-old quickly shut these down on Twitter.

It wasn’t long before whispers arose that she was getting it on with Trey Songz after the two looked super close at the “Bottoms Up” rapper’s birthday party. Meg iced those rumors just as fast, calling out Twitter fans and their obsession with her love life.

Megan Thee Stallion is clearly fed up with all the gossip, that the hot girl decided to lay down her case in rhyme by free-styling in the parking lot after the 2019 American Music Awards. “B*tch, I’m 24 and single /Ain’t no ring on my finger / And if that n***a looking good, you know I’m tryna mingle.”

She stuck to her tune just a week ago when TMZ asked who she was seeing, and she declared, “I’m single!”

So much for people listening though. Meg’s latest social media post once again had fans speculating that she had a new rapper on her arm — this time, Wiz Khalifa. The “Gin & Drugs” rapper appeared in Miss Stallion’s video, which she posted on Instagram and captioned, “Taylor gang meg”. Admittedly, the pair looked rather cozy, with Megan’s hand around Wiz’s neck, so we can’t blame fans too much for raising their brows and adding him to the list, but Meg as having none of it.

“First moneybagg, Trey, now wiz,” one IG user commented, to which Megan replied, “None of them.”

For all we know, the girl is dating a country singer!