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Yung Miami’s Associate Saucy Santana Shot In Drive-By Shooting

Miami rapper/social media star Saucy Santana was among three persons shot in a drive-by shooting in Miami.

Miami is clearly a hot zone for City Girls rapper Yung Miami and her crew, as one of her friends, Saucy Santana, has as been shot. According to reports from NBC Miami, the “Walk Em Like a Dog” rapper Saucy Santana, along with three other occupants, were targets of the drive-by shooting that took place near the Interstate-95 entrance from Miami Gardens Drive, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. According to reports by the Miami police, the 3 victims inclusive of Santana were traveling in a Honda sedan after leaving The Office strip club. Upon reaching the ramp to enter the I-95, a Chevy sedan approached and opened fire on the vehicle. I

According to NBC Affiliate, the Honda picked up as many as 7 bullets during the ordeal. All the occupants of the Honda motorcar were hit, miraculously, none of the wounds were life-threatening as injuries were to their arms and hands. The victims were taken to Aventura Hospital, where they were treated.

“I’m lucky, blessed to be alive,” Santana mentioned as he counted his blessings while speaking to the NBC team about what took place. “I got shot in the top of my shoulder, you was aiming at my face or at my head, that’s an instant kill.”

“It happened out of nowhere, so we could have been ran off the road, anything. We could have been dead,” mentioned Santana. “You have people that have their own motives, and everybody isn’t going to be accepting of the type of artist that I am.”

The identities of the other occupants have not been released. However, Daniel Talent Management, who handles Santana, released a short statement on the rapper’s behalf, “Saucy Santana wants to thank everyone for the calls and support.”

Yung Miami almost suffered a similar fate when her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon was peppered with bullets after she was leaving the Circle House Studios in Miami. Luckily a very pregnant Miami was not hit, and police are still seeking the shooter who carried out the act.

Could it be the same hitter who took aim at Caresha [Yung Miami] back in August?

The police have not released any statement surrounding who they believe the potential shooter is in this most recent incident.