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The Game Says 50 Cent Need Him To Be Relevant In Hip Hop This Era

The Game thinks 50 needs him to be relevant in hip hop today.

The feud between the former G-Unit superstars is well documented in hip-hop culture. From simply trading barbs in their lyrics to actual shootouts, their beef reminded us of the Tupac-Biggie era of the 90s. The former label mates once made a truce, but it didn’t last long. It’s no surprise that The Game was thinking how their fortunes would have turned out had played nice. G-Unit would have dominated an entire decade as the undisputed hip hop powerhouse. It turns out, Game played an active role in dismantling G-Unit, and Fifty quickly hopped onto other business ventures.

Appearing on the Peoples Party Podcast last Saturday, the West Coast rapper shared his current position on their feud. The Compton rapper gave a recount of their past working relationship. He went further to admit being open to working on a project with the Queens rapper in the future. The Game feels there might be those who would like to see them work together on a music project – an idea he would entertain.

The West Coast native even made a financial analysis of the situation, probably admitting as to how the beef affected their progress moneywise. “If me and fifty never had a beef, my ni**a, we might be billionaires by now.” He even gave a positive account of how they had the whole thing figured out. At one point, The Game said he still has old material with 50 Cent stored on hard drives back at his home.

Despite the reunion enthusiasm, he isn’t sure whether 50 Cent would be interested given how things went South between them. 50 Cent also seems preoccupied with his hit TV show, Power.

The Game recently released his final studio album, Born 2 Rap, a project that featured appearances from Dom Kennedy, 21 Savage, Nipsey Hussle, Paak, Anderson, and many others.