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Master P Launches ‘Rap Noodles’ His Own Brand Of Ramen

Master P IG

Master P has officially entered the Ramen Noodle business.

Master P has decided to take one of his favorite childhood foods and turn it into another hit brand to add to his entrepreneurial legacy. The hip hop mogul, like a lot of us, grew up eating noodles, but he has always been unsure of how he really feels about the different flavors he tried while growing up. That is where he gets his inspiration to launch his very own “Rap Noodles” brand.

Rap Noodles embodies authentic New Orleans vibes and has multiple flavors such as Southern Chicken, Hot N Spicy Cajun Shrimp, Spicy Picante Chicken, and Sirloin Steak Beef. You have the option of preparing it on the stove or microwaving, so it is perfect for those days where we need a quick fix but don’t really want to stay in the kitchen for too long. The Rap Noodles brand is an extension of Master P his popular Rap Snacks brand.

Rap Snacks brand is Master P and James Lindsay’s potato chips empire that is known as the Hip hop of snacks. The company pairs rappers to distinct potato chips flavors not just as a marketing strategy but as their way of getting as many rappers involved in being a part of another business venture besides the rap industry.

The rap Mogul sure was excited to share his passion for his noodles on his Instagram with a little combo of food plus business inspiration. “Start small and build. Get you some product if you want to be successful,” Maste P said.