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NBA Youngboy-Themed Birthday Party Angered Fredo Bang, Here’s The Viral Video

This NBA Youngboy-themed birthday party has angered Fredo Bang.

After watching the viral video below, then you will understand why rapper Fredo Bang is upset with everyone on this birthday party, especially the kid punching the Piñata mercilessly. This all seems like just fun and games, but Fredo is wondering why did they used his face as the piñata and not something else, perhaps NBA YoungBoy. The kid seems to enjoy punching the piñata too. After delivering a 100 piece combo on the piñata, the boy’s friends rushed in to finish it off.

Bang made it clear that he has no beef with NBA YoungBoy, and it’s really social media folks who are instigating one. Nevertheless, these kids took that beef serious enough to make a piñata out of him and went berserk.

While the internet is laughing about the video, Fredo Bang is not amused and has since responded on Twitter, even finding out the alleged name of the boy’s father. Bang responded to a tweet from his brother saying that he wouldn’t mind getting his fade from the parents.

“If I was mad by the end of the week I could find out who yo momma and daddy is, but I got a sense of humor and yo brother hit like a bx and grow a punk, how about he fight my baby brother and I come to #nsula and whoop tf out chu or you gone be in Alexandria this week” Fredo Bang responded to the boy’s brother who posted the clip.