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Wiz Khalifa Hints At New Music Dropping On Thanksgiving Day

Wiz Khalifa might be dropping some new music on Thanksgiving Day.

For the majority of folks in the USA, today, November 28 marks the day celebrated as Thanksgiving Day.
However, It could also mean the day we get some new music from Wiz Khalifa. Last night, Wiz Khalifa tweeted, “I slept in hella today. I aint too tired from the studio but I DO wanna make sure these ideas stay fresh. TGOD.” A fan immediately asked him for some new material to get her through the holiday, “We gonna need you to drop a song on dankagiving.”

It seems Wiz is actually entertaining the idea of dropping something new today. He questioned his fans, “I gotchu. I’ll reach in the stash. What kinda vibe we goin for?”

The comment section immediately blew up with persons stating what they would like from the Wiz. The majority of the post seemed to want something similar to what Wiz Khalifa would have done in 2009-11, while others just want something they can chill and smoke to.

After all, the fan did say something for dankagiving. According to Urban Dictionary, dankagiving comes from the Dank Cannabis, “which is a great cannabis structure, potent smell, sticky-icky with beautiful trichomes, is tasty and the effects are why it is great for medicinal purposes.”

Wiz has not yet confirmed if he is going to actually drop a new track; however, with the various suggestions he has received, he clearly knows what his fans would like to hear.

There are also a few suggestions for him to do a full-length project for his fans.