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YG Links With Sean Paul On “When it Comes to You” Remix

Sean Paul drops a new remix for “When it Comes to You” featuring West Coast rapper YG.

Sean Paul released the official audio and video for the song about 2 months ago, and it has made quite a mark on the international markets. The song which was released on his SPJ Productions Ltd label bridges the gap between dancehall, hip hop, and pop. This is something that Sean Paul has been doing since the early 2000s with his Dutty Rock album.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Dutty Paul has fused his dancehall sounds with some of the best singers and entertainers on the international market to create classics we are still vibing to. He has teamed up with the likes of Beyonce, Akon, DMX, Keyshia Cole, Blu Cantrell, Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, and others. With YG being added to the list of collaborators, one has to hail Sean Paul as one of the greatest from the Caribbean.

The YG feature brings something different and interesting to “When it Comes to You.”

“When it come to you baby, it too crazy / when it come to you baby my crew hate me / cause they know it’s true I’m in love like ouu,” raps the California rapper. He continues, “My last girls we ain’t work out too many b**ches in the trap and she had a trap mouth / she love nice car yea she took the fast route.”

A good collaboration is always welcome, and YG is one of the best from the West Coast. Go ahead and stream the remix below and tell us what you think.