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Justin Bieber Gives Lil Pump Advice After Being Bitten By Snake, Here Is What Happened

Lil Pump
Lil Pump

Lil Pump learned a crazy lesson about using animals in video shoots.

Miami rap star Lil Pump had some bad luck when using a snake as a prop for his music video. The 19 year old posted a video of himself on set of his shoot early Friday morning and you can see him attempting to grab the snake from a professional handler. Within seconds, the snake makes a jarring moves and bites Lil Pump on the hand, at which point his automatic reaction was to drop it to the ground. Everyone on the set was taken aback and you can hear screams and gasps after the attack.

“Look at my hand bruh!” Pump said to the person recording showing blood coming out of the back of his palm. “This n*gga bit the f*ck out of me.” The handler picked the snake back up and attempted to calm the reptile down, but at the end of the video it looked like it went to snap at someone else in Pump’s crew that was standing too close. “I JUST GOT BIT BY A SNAKE,” Pump wrote in the caption. “WTF I CANT F*CK W NO SNAKES I HOPE I DONT DIE.” Thankfully he and everyone on set seemed to have laughed it off and it appears as though the bite didn’t cause any real harm.

The video garnered over 3 million views on Lil Pump’s Instagram page by Friday afternoon and fans and celebrities alike flooded the comments with reactions. But the best advice came from an unlikely fried as pop star Justin Bieber chimed in. “Bro can’t f*** with snakes,” Bieber wrote.

We hope Lil Pump is okay after that scary incident.