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Doja Cat Drops Off “Hot Pink” Album Feat. Tyga & Gucci Mane

Doja Cat released her new album, and the features are some top rappers in the game.

You might recall that Doja picked up some steam last year when she released her viral music video for “Mooo” and then in August of this summer when she released “Juicy” with Tyga. That track marked the rapper’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her new album “Hot Pink” was released today (Nov 7) and features guest appearances from rappers like Smino, Tyga, and Gucci Mane.

Doja Cat described her sound as a multifaceted emotional expression. “I’m not perfect, but I always land on my feet. The music speaks to that. It’s so many different things. It’s clunky. It’s poppy. It’s bubbly. It’s cutesy. It’s dark. It’s surprising. It’s trappy-go-lucky with a touch of punk. It’s exactly who I am,” she said about her music.

The rapper previously released visuals for her tracks “Bottom B*tch” and “Rules,” and more recently, “Cyber Sex.” She already picked up millions of views over the last month and is projected to keep doing so with her new project now out. During an interview with the LA Times, Doja Cat told the publication that this album is a bit different from her last. “My last album was me super high all the time. When I stopped and did this album, I’ve never been more concise and clear and levelheaded,” she said. “People will love me and hate me for it: ‘Why doesn’t she sound like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about anymore?’ I used to write stuff where it didn’t matter. Now there are things I believe in, that get me excited and piss me off. I’m actually reflecting on who I am as a person,” Doja revealed.

Doja Cat’s new album “Hot Pink” is available for streaming now. Check out her music video for “Cyber Sex” that dropped yesterday.

Listen to the album Hot Pink below.