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Boosie Badazz Reveals Friend Who Tried To Rob Him Died, “God Is Good”

Boosie Badazz reveals that a former friend who once tried to rob him has died.

You can almost always expect some comedy whenever Boosie Badazz speaks on Instagram. This time its a pretty serious matter, but as usual, he managed to make light of what is a tragic situation for some people. The Baton Rouge rap legend posted a short clip on the Gram on Thursday when he revealed that a man, who once tried to rob him, passed away in his sleep. As to the identity of the dead man, the rapper did not reveal that, but he did remind his followers that he previously spoke about someone who he should’ve killed but didn’t.

“You know the ni**a I said that is suppose to be dead but I let him slide,” Boosie said. “That ni**a died in his sleep Quavo. That ni**a died in his sleep the other day man. That bow out a here man, that boy died in his sleep God is good boy.”

Boosie Badazz also revealed that the unnamed man did ten years in prison and was recently released before his passing. Quavo, who wasn’t on camera with Boosie, asked why did he let him slide, and the Louisiana MC responded, saying, “God didn’t let him slide, and this man was my homie.”

Clearly, Boosie wasn’t looking over his shoulders for the now-deceased man, but he evidently had a deep disdain for him because of what he did in the past. Perhaps Lil Boosie can shed some more light on the history he had with this former friend and maybe filled us in on how he tried to rob him. Perhaps an even better idea would be to record a new track and rap about it. That’s both therapy for him and new music for the culture.