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Kodak Black & Young Thug Ex Manager Indicted On Third Sexual Assault Charge

Kodak Black

Kodak Black and Young Thug’s former manager, Adam Lublin, is being accused of sexual assault again.

The former vice president of the AEG touring company is facing a third sexual abuse charge after being indicted on Monday for a third count of first-degree sexual abuse. In the shocking court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, the defendant is being accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping co-worker in 2015. “With respect to the November 22nd, 2015 incident, the defendant sexually assaulted a sleeping co-worker,” the bail application document states. “When she awoke to the defendant’s non-consensual touching, the Complaining Witness confronted the defendant immediately, waking up her friend who was sleeping in the room with her. She immediately reported what the defendant did to that friend and told others in the days that followed. The incident was also investigated by HR.”

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According to the New York Post, Assistant DA Ryan Hayward said, “The complaining witness woke up when she felt the defendant’s fingers inside her vagina.” As previously mentioned, this is not Lublin’s first time facing accusations of sexual abuse. Just this past September, he was reportedly forced to resign at AEG for “inappropriate behavior toward a female colleague.” Though the details of the incident weren’t explicitly stated, it does coincide with recent reports.

Lublin was later arrested in September after allegedly assaulting two roommates. He did this on separate occasions by first sneaking into their apartment building and groping the first victim while she slept, then stole her underwear and a flamingo print straw from her room. Police spotted the defendant the following day near the building discarding the cup with the straw that had the woman’s underwear stuffed inside. The victim identified that it was hers, which led to Lublin’s arrest. He was then released on a $175,000 bond and arrested again when the first victim’s roommate also reported him for sexual assault. Court documents states that the victim “awoke to find a man in her bed touching her breasts and put her hand in his groin.”

The former AEG Exec pleaded not guilty in the Manhattan Supreme Court. Adam Lublin is now facing up to 37 years in prison if convicted on all charges.