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Buju Banton Link Up With Dave Kelly Sending Dancehall Fans In Frenzy

Buju Banton

Buju Banton teamed up with the legendary, iconic music producer, Dave Kelly, to produce his ‘Trust Issues” Dancehall tune, and music producer Skatta Burrell is over the moon about it.

“Jah Know mi Spirit coming back alive. Darkness ova the music did have mi feeling a way star. Yu can feel the magic in authentic dancehall. #buju,” the excited producer said. Buju Banton‘s song was posted by Spragga Benz, even before the Gargamel posted it on his own IG page. The Trust issues song starts with Buju chanting: “Mi no trust phone, mi no own, mi no like e / Picture a guh roun seh Simone a mi wifie.”

Buju seems to be in his element because, according to him, he has something in his musical arsenal for his fans. He posted a short video on Instagram last Thursday of himself and Kelly busy at work in the studio.

Buju and the very reclusive Kelly worked closely in the early 90s, with Kelly being one of the geniuses behind his breakthrough album, Mr. Mention. Kelly also co-produced Til Shiloh and is the producer of classic Dancehall beats such as Showtime, Pepperseed, and Joyride.

Dave Kelly also produced Beenie Man’s hit song ‘Dude’ and baby Cham’s ‘Ghetto Story’ on the 85 rhythm. Dancehall fans who were seemingly disenchanted with the proliferation of Trap beats dominating Jamaica’s airwaves, told Skatta, who was among the first persons to post snippets of the song, that they were thrilled that Buju was back in full force.

“Finally a dancehall riddim… no f*cking Trap rubbish,” one follower said. “Look how the music sweet and the man dem did wa dash it wey fi boring R&B and rap beat. Bout dem ‘Trash’ dancehall. Dancehall run the world and it’s ours,” another fan said.

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Suh… mi done chat

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Skatta had long lamented the downward direction in which authentic Jamaican Dancehall music was heading, and said he yearned for the days when he could attend parties in Kingston and not be bombarded with Trap and other inauthentic music by disloyal selectors.

His followers also castigated the Trap artistes whom they said were singing on boring beats to which nobody could dance, and disrespecting and disregarding Jamaican culture in the process.

“If we low these nowadays youths fi run things, dem f*ck up everything…The man them woulda wipe out dancehall out of Jamaica history the it would look like a some foreign country originated it,” one man said.

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Trust Issues

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