Shenseea Facing Lawsuit After This Artist Accused Her Of Stealing Her Video

Shenseea is facing serious accusations of intellectual property theft.

Shenseea and her management might be in or some legal wranglings after popular Instagram fruit porn artist, Stephanie Sarley, accused her of stealing her artwork and embedding it in in the video for her new song dubbed “Foreplay.” Sarley who has 534,000 followers, and has been featured in many high profile magazines such as Playboy, and even the Guardian newspaper, made a post on her Instagram page yesterday expressing shock and horror that Shenseea had lifted her work without permission and without giving due credit.

“HOLY SH*T NO SHE JUST RIPPED OFF MY ENTIRE VIDEO THROUGHOUT HER ENTIRE VIDEO. ITS LITERALLY ALL THERE IS IS MY VIDEO AND HER DANCING ON IT. I FEEL SO VIOLATED,” the artiste wrote under screenshots of the violations in the music video, which has been making the rounds on YouTube.

“Oh man turning my exact video doubled and upside down should really do the trick! Who the f*ck f*cked me like this,” she added.

Sarley it appears, has been having issues with intellectual property theft for some time and it seems Shenseea’s misuse of her work is the last straw, because a day earlier she posted an excerpt from a law book regarding copyright infringement, and noted that no longer could people “rip off” her images from the internet.

“Now I can take them to small claims court for copyright infringements that are too small for federal but are effecting my work greatly like what happened to my Cream Cup image and Blood Orange video going viral,” she noted, adding that she was relieved, as she has spent years filing DMCA reports on companies that ought to know better.

Citing the new developments as justice and progress for online creators who are being taken advantage of, Sarley said many media outlets are also guilty of stealing intellectual property, “and they will be the ones being sued.”

Many of her fans urged her to sue Shenseea and not to let her off the hook, even as they kept tagging Shenseea in their comments. Other fans pointed out to Stephanie that Shensea was untagging herself in comments mentioning her name.

“I’m shocked by how many people aren’t getting it either. If you now went and stole her song or lyrics, you’d be sued? Why is this any different”? one angry follower wrote.

“You need to get a lawyer honey. Do not let her get away with this,” another fan pointed out.

Shenseea’s offending video was posted last week Thursday on YouTube, where it has amassed just over 800,000 views.

Fans of Stephanie Sarley took to commenting on the raunchy video, in which Shenseea lies in a bathtub with her legs spread wide, where they pointed out the copyright infringement.

“Give credit to the original artist, Stephanie Sarley, whose art you are featuring in this video. You are a thief without giving credit,” one fan declared while another wrote mockingly: “Who is here because she stole art from Stephanie Sarley? Art theft is THEFT.”