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Lil Kim Mourns Her Father’s Death, Praised Trina For Consoling Her

Prayers up for Lil’ Kim, who is grieving the death of her father.

Hip-Hop icon Lil Kim is mourning the loss of her father, who recently passed away. It was unclear how her dad died, but Kim posted a heartfelt message to her Instagram page Thursday detailing the night she got the news, and how that moment helped to mend she and fellow female rap star Trina’s fractured relationship.

“On this very day I found out my Daddy passed away,” she wrote in a caption under a photo of her and Trina. “I was so distraught and had to put on a brave face and keep working because I had a show that same night. When @trinarockstarr came into my dressing room we instantly bonded. She comforted me and it was exactly what I needed in that moment.” Trina’s mother passed in September from a long battle with cancer. Kim said the Miami rapper offered kind words and condolences that meant a lot to her that night. “It’s as if her Mom and my Dad brought us together and healed our friendship. We both have angels watching over us.”

Video of the two embracing backstage went viral on Oct. 25, and in it, Kim is seeing wearing the same outfit like the one pictured in Thursday’s photo. If that’s the case, it looks like that is the same day her father passed away, and the moment she and Trina made peace.

A 2012 article from OK! Magazine revealed that Lil Kim was not close with her dad, Linwood Jones, growing up, but they had reconnected later in life. She said when she found out that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, she opened up her home and took care of him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lil Kim during this time!