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Ellen DeGeneres Nailed Her Cardi B Halloween Costume

Cardi B recently met Cardi E on the set of The Ellen Show this week when Ellen brought the rap star out to see her Halloween costume.

It was as if fans were transported to a parallel universe when Ellen walked out in fishnet stockings, and the “Money” rapper came out in a knee-length plaid skirt and pocketed jacket ensemble completed with a waist belt and puffy sleeves. Though a bit out of the ordinary, we’re sure the high fashion outfit most likely came with a high fashion price tag. A modestly clad Cardi B reviewed an exotically dressed Ellen Degeneres’ twerking skills, and the irony is overwhelming. Ellen pointed out that the look was inspired by Cardi B’s character Diamond from the movie “Hustlers.”

After helping Ellen perfect her “Okurr,” Cardi told the daytime television host that she liked her soft implants. “You know, I like that yours are softer than mine. I should be mad at my doctor,” the rapper said. “Are they softer? I don’t want to touch them, but they are softer?” a married Ellen asked Cardi. “They feel good, they’re fun. Thanks a whole lot,” Degeneres added.

Ellen’s idea of twerking simulated a beginner’s virtual surfing lesson and her rocking back and forth with her arms spread to the side was a comedic moment that would make for a hilarious meme. Cardi seemed slightly embarrassed when she had to show Ellen how she can improve her dance moves, perhaps because it’s daytime TV and the behaviors that are acceptable deviates from the Grammy-winning rapper’s usual personality.

Ellen then started mimicking Cardi’s actions after the suggestion that she takes it higher. “That will give you a couple of bucks right there,” Cardi said after quick improvement from the TV show’s host. “I’ll give you $20. I’ll buy a lap dance from you.” Ellen hilariously obliged and started to grind up against Cardi’s skirt. What would the spouses of these married women think?

Check out the entertaining clip from Ellen’s special Halloween episode here.